Saturday, April 07, 2007

Reflections on Teen Life Project

The Teen Life Project has been a great experience this year. I learned many things from different issues in the world. I think that if people weren't involved in this project, they would have never taken their time to investigate on a big problem in society. After making this project, people can realize that there are more problems than they could think about.

The Teen Life Project was more than only looking up for issues. In the TLP we worked different schools in the world looking for a common purpose, finding a way to solve problems. At this project, people felt very good because they could express their opinions without having people looking weird at them; instead, others just agreed, corrected them, and add more details for the research.

There were some things I liked from the Teen Life Project, but also things I didn’t. I think it was a great experience, but I would like if more people from the world could see in what we worked for weeks. Another thing I don’t like is that even though people say that they realize what the problem is, why do they need to continue? I would not like if even watching our videos people would continue doing the problems we already have.

In conclusion, the TLP was a great experience this year; we learned many things about different issues in society. I liked that we could work with different schools in the world. Another thing I liked was that with people that have different cultures, we had the some similar ways of thinking, and I am glad that most people want to stop issues around the world. I would not like if people ignore the message our videos are telling, and I wish this videos can make a difference in the world.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Different Ways of Smoking

This is the last week of research and for my last post I decided to talk about the different ways people burn and smoke tobacco. The page where I looked up for the information was at Wikipedia.

Cigarette is one of the most common ways people smoke tobacco. A cigarette is a rolled paper with dried up tobacco leaves. Cigarettes contain a cotton-like thing that is the part you introduce into your mouth and inhale the tobacco; the cotton thing acts like a filter to reduce the amount of nicotine taken at the time you inhale. Cigarettes contain a great amount of chemicals, and some of them increase the possibilities of getting cancer and other human diseases.

A cigar is a tightly- rolled package of dried and fermented tobacco leaves. Tobacco leaves to make cigars are produced in high quantities in countries like Cuba. Many cigars’ fans have considered the high quality of Cuban tobacco, but the relative quality is said to have been reduced due to the Cuban government. People have noticed that as the Cuban tobacco quality reduces, tobacco from other countries have increased their quality.

The smoking pipe is devices with a bowl-like shape were the tobacco is placed and a little tube and a mouth piece were the smoke is taken. Smoking pipes are made of different materials, such as clay, wood, metal, glass, bamboo, and other materials. The tobacco used for smoking pipes is usually manipulated to change the taste and smell of it. A problem of manipulated tobacco is that the changes affect the people in a negative way. One thing on smoking pipes is that only the tobacco for it can be changed in taste and smell, other types of tobacco flavor and smell switching for smoking are not in markets for sale. Smoking pipes are usually made by artists who carve them; these smoking pipes are a valuable piece of collection for the fans that collect them.

Hookahs are a traditional smoking operator that bases on water filtering and indirect heat. The tobacco used for hookahs are usually exotic and richly flavor. Some of the most commonly found flavors for hookahs in the markets include apple, grape, and vanilla. There are other flavors that are not very common such as cola, coconut, and cappuccino. It is said that from the different ways of smoking, the hookah is the less damaging one since it has the water filtration. Studies have also said that the hookah is very harmful to health due to the amount of smoke inhaled.

I think that none of the ways of smoking is more harmful than the others since all of them affect your health. I prefer to know the qualities of tobacco are going down because the amount of people using it reduces. I think there are many more different ways people smoke, but these are the principal ones. I am tired of people smoking because they are not just killing themselves, they are killing humanity. I have nothing else to say rather than thank you for reading my posts and I hope you learned as much as I did.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Smoking And Society

In my past researches I had learned about smoking and what people is doing to prevent it, today, I will write about the opinions of society on smoking. The page were I took my information was at Wikipedia.

Religions and other cultures think that smoking is either good or bad. The religions I am talking about are against smoking, other cultures are in favor of it. Native Americans have a different view on smoking than the one people have. Tobacco for Native Americans is sacred; it is used for rituals, taken after the evening meal, and before going to sleep. Native Americans thought that tobacco was the ultimate sacred plant because they believed that it would take them to the heavens. Some Native Americans often operate some tobacco stores; they also use Internet to sell them. One fact people has discovered is that the tobacco grown in South America is much more powerful than the one grown in North America.

Before scientists discovered that smoking was bad, Christian preachers believed that smoking was a disrespectful habit because they believed that God had given people their bodies and they were not respecting them. In the Christian religion, smoking is a sin.

Yisrael Meir Kagan, a Jewish Rabbi, was one of the first Jewish who spoke against smoking. Yisrael couldn’t stand looking at people who smoke, he thought that smoking was a waste of time and that smokers should have never started to take cigars. Jewish prayers think that indoor smoking should be prevented knowing the other people are in danger too.

Smoking and Muhammed, the Islam Prophet, never lived at the same time. Islam has been adding principles to their religion and people had concluded that smoking should be forbidden. Muslims can’t stand looking at people smoking; however, smoking is more accepted than alcohol and other drugs.

People want to control smoking in their cities. Environmental groups, political groups, and other organizations are some of the people who want smoking to be ceased. There are some people who have manifested their opinions in favor of smoking, they stated that smoking isn’t as bad as alcohol and drugs, they say that tobacco calms their stress and feelings.

I am in favor of almost all the opinions saying that smoking is bad and immoral. Even though people have different ways of thinking, smoking is an issue most cultures want to stop. I feel happy that many people are changing their minds on smoking and that they really are doing something to stop it. I don’t agree with Native Americans who think that smoking is sacred, but I respect their beliefs. I know that there are people that don’t really follow a religion, but they still know smoking is bad, and I feel glad of it.

I am feeling very inspired with this project, but I would like to make more people in the world read about it, not only the four schools in this project. For the next step I will take on smoking, I would like to talk about the different ways that people consume tobacco.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

What is People Doing to Prevent Smoking?

Now I’m expanding my knowledge about smoking, and as I told you, I will talk about what people is doing to stop or prevent others from smoking. My resource to answer my questions was at Wikipedia.

In some countries, some treaties are being sign. An example can be the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control; it did a great work to prevent smoking. The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control prevents people from smoking at indoor public places, some outdoor public places, public transport, and other public places; this will prevent to reduce the amounts of secondhand smokers. Some countries made illegal the sale of tobacco to underage boys, the minimum age is 16; other countries prevent the sale to under 18 and in 4 states in the United States, you must be 19 or older.

Cigarettes now have a high taxation to prevent people buying them. The taxes collected by boxes are used in prevention programs. The high taxation has made the people to decrease or sometimes leave smoking, due to the cost of a single package. In the United States, taxation can vary from place to place, some taxes are very low, but others might be high. For example, in South Carolina the taxes for a cigarette are 7 cents, while in New York the box can cost 7 dollars.

Some countries have different methods to prevent people from smoke; some boxes say the risks of smoking. In Canada, boxes include a card that tells how to quit smoking, there are 16 different cards. Also, in Canada and other countries, one-third of the box is covered by graphs, television ads, and pictures of people at the hospital. All these advertises have decreased the amount of smokers in a reasonably way, but there are still a lot of people to help.

Many things have been done to prevent smoking; these have made a lot of people who smoke to leave it. I think that the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control did a great job on eliminating smoke at public places; a lot of people were affected by secondhand smoking and now they can be relaxed in not putting their health in danger. From the high taxes, I think it has some advantages but disadvantages too. High taxes reduce the amount of people who smoke because of the high price, but I think that since nicotine is a very addictive chemical, it can make a lot of people to waste a great amount of their money in a box of cigars. I like the idea of the pictures and cards in the cigarette’s boxes, it isn’t very nice to see, but it makes a lot of people not to smoke.

I learned a lot about what people is doing to prevent or stop people from smoking, but there is always something left to learn. To expand my knowledge I would like to research about smoking and society, what does religions think about smoking? Do they think that it is good or bad?

Sunday, February 11, 2007


For the Teen Life Project I decided to focus on smokig, I look for information at Wikipedia. Smoking tobacco is inhaling smoke coming from the burned tobacco leaves. Some people smoke as an addiction, a ritualistic-purpose, to calm nerves or stress, or for pleasure. History tells that smoking came from the Native Americans and then expanded worldwide. Tobacco contains nicotine, a substance that people get addict with and for a short period it can increase alertness, memory, and mood. Nicotine can also increase anxiety and restlessness. Smoking is a huge way of increasing health problems, it can give cancer in different parts of the body like the tongue, the heart, blood, specially the lungs, and it can also give heart attacks and diseases.

Tobacco can affect people in body functions, physically and mentally, and in genetics. Tobacco can prevent oxygen going into the fetus and creating premature death, blood flow in the placenta is also reduced. When pregnant moms inhale smoke, babies can be born with a higher possibility of mental retardation. Smoking also increases the possibility of a heart attack, pulmonary diseases, and cancer. Studies have said that the amount and the time you smoke can vary the possibilities of getting a disease, the less tobacco you consume, the less the probability of problems. People who smoke prefer enjoying a cigar than caring for their health. Some people think that smoking calm their nerves and reduce stress, other people, specially teenagers, start smoking because their “friends” tell them it is cool.

Smoking cigars are not the only ways people can inhale tobacco, second-hand smoking also affects people beside a person who has a cigar. Second-hand smoking can cause asthma and the already mentioned cancers, ear infections, and sudden infant death. The addictive substance of nicotine is very difficult to leave because once you take it; it replaces some chemicals in the brain that if you try to leave tobacco your body parts feel strange so leaving smoke is difficult. Experts have also proved that smoking causes depression after the effects of cigars have passed.

I think that smoking has affected many people in the world. Nicotine is a very damaging substance even though it isn’t as dangerous as cocaine, crack, and other harmful drugs. I think that smoking has so many bad diseases that I can’t get an idea on why people has to smoke if they are risking their life and other people’s life in such a harmful way, don’t they feel ashamed of themselves? One of the things I mostly dislike from smoking are the people who smoke in public places and damage the air and the people nearby with such a useless and dangerous material. Another thing I don’t understand is why does people sell cigars if they know how much danger they cause?

I have learned a lot of the bad things about smoking, but still I want to learn more and more. Another thing I would like to really investigate is what are people doing to prevent or make people stop smoking?

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Our School

“Do you have a big school or do you have a small school?” was a question asked by Amber at Ms. Baber’s class. Our school in Cartagena is small, but it provides good areas for studying. Our school has a soccer field, a basketball court, and a volleyball court for sports areas, from those areas our class in general prefers the soccer field. Colegio Jorge Washington also has a library, an art room, a drama room, and it also has classes for grades up to twelve, the classes in our school are classes A and B, where about 20 people take part of.

Even though our school isn’t that big parents have decided to move it to a bigger place in Cartagena at the Northern zone, this school will be bigger and will provide more areas for students. The school that is being built will be finished at 2009 when we are going to be at 9th grade.

What Do You Like About Living Where You Are?

I was reading some questions at the Teen Life Wiki and I would like to answer “What's your favourite part about living where you are?” from Kate in Mr.Fishers class and DanielB at Mr.Raisdana's class. Living in Cartagena has some advantages but disadvantages too. Some things I like is that the climate is good for doing outside events, it is a tropical climate without much rain, even though sometimes the temperature is really hot. What I like of living in Cartagena is playing soccer and hanging out with my friends.

The disadvantages of living in Cartagena is that finding some things you need are difficult to find or very expensive, sometimes you need somebody to go to another place to buy it for a better price.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Our Special Place

I read a question at the Teen Life Wiki and I wanted to answer it, so I wonder what people from different parts of the world have a special place to go to, and if they have, what is it like? My friends and I have a special place too, it is the Campito 2010. Almost every Friday after school we go to the Campito, which is a mini soccer field with synthetic grass with walls around it. In the Campito we have played friendly games, we have won a tournament, and we have celebrated birthdays too. The Campito is one of my favorite places in Cartagena, it is a place were many kids and teenagers gather.

When we participated at the tournament we were very happy, there were many teams that looked strong and had good players. Our uniform was from the Real Madrid because it was a team that no one in our team liked because people liked different teams and that was a fair decision. The first seven matches were done to define which teams would play with who at a knock out round. We were in the middle so the other team had like the same ability, but we beat them, then there were four teams at the semi-finals and we won too. In the last match we were losing from one difference goal, but we ended up beating them at a 4-2 score.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Introduction to Myself

My name is Eduardo; I am a 13 years old boy that lives in Cartagena, Colombia. I was born in Chile, but I had to move to Bogotá when I was 3 years old for my father's job. When I was 8 I returned to Chile, but my father couldn't find a job in the city so my dad got a job in Cartagena. As we were living in Chile, my father lived in Colombia, every 2 weeks he came to visit us, but that stressed him a lot plus all the problems he had to solve at his job, so we decided to come and live with him, that’s how I came to live here.

In Cartagena, I study in a school called Colegio Jorge Washington and I am in 7°A. Some of the subjects I like are math, P.E, and social studies. I do well at school; my grades are high even though I can do better. I like the way my teachers explain what they have to teach, they use many different ways that help us learn a lot. My school isn’t very big, but parents decided to move it where there is more space. The school we have has few rooms and only one soccer field and it also has a basketball court.

One of the things I like to do the most with my friends is playing soccer. Every week we go to play at the Campito, where there is a micro football court, we have also won a tournament in there. In the school we have a soccer team for middle school, and I play as defense for it. In my spare time, I like playing video games if I can’t play soccer at that time.

Smoking is affecting many people in the world. When a person smokes, it pollutes his body, especially his lungs. Even though smoking is bad for the person, you should know that the smoke is worse to the person who is near him, this is called second-hand smoking. Smoking is a dangerous addiction which has caused the death of many people.

Doctors and experts have done some things to prevent or make people stop smoking. Some people take nicotine gum, which is a gum with some of the flavor a cigarette has, this makes you taste an ugly flavor which can make you stop smoking. Other thing I saw in a TV commercial was a filter called Nic-Out. This filter is a little object you put in the part of the cigarette where you inhale and this filter takes much part of the tobacco so you don’t pollute yourself.

Another issue people are going through is pollution. Many people take part of an unconscious act where much part of the world is affected. There are different ways of polluting, people can pollute when they use their cars, when they throw chemicals to the water, and when people burn oil are some of the ways places are being destroyed. There are places like Santiago, Chile, where a big cloud of smog has been formed. In Santiago, some people cannot make sports for getting sick with this pollution.

The last issue I will talk about will be a big one, this is global warming. There are different chemicals that gather in the Earth’s ozone layer and let UV rays from the Sun come into the earth but not going out. Global Warming is causing poles start melting and lakes are evaporating. Graphics have shown how in time heat has increased, they also show how much it will increase in the next years and it will be a drastically change.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Simpson

The Simpsons have been one of the most popular TV shows since their debut on 1989. It was created by Matt Groening and now it is directed by Al Jean. The Simpsons have been on air for almost 2o years and have almost completed 400 episodes! They are now presenting the eighteenth season and have really good episodes. The Simpsons have won many awards since they were presented, 23 Emmy Awards, 22 Annie Awards, a Peabody, a Star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, a 20th century greatest achievements, the best century program, Bart was named on the 100 influencial people, and many other awards.

The Simpson family is composed by Homer Simpson(father), Marge Simpson(mother), Bart Simpson(oldest brother), Lisa Simpson(middle sister), and Maggie Simpson(baby). These are the main characters of the family, but in some episodes they show other familiares. Every character on the show has a big difference from others. Some of them are known for some phrases they use like Bart's "Ay caramba" and Homer's "D'oh" which is finded on the oxford's dictionary. Even in some episodes, they use famous people as characters, they have used musical bands, presidents, and sports players.

I love to watch the Simpsons when I can. This TV show has been the best cartoons I have watch. The Simpsons are funny and interesting, in the TV show they have done almost everything. When I watch the Simposons I laugh and have a good time. My favorite character is Bart, he makes funny jokes and like to bother people. I also like Homer, he doesn't have very intelligent ideas, but it results into funny problems they need to fix.

I think the Simpsons have influenced in many terms. Many people use their phrases and even musical bands have been influenced by this TV show. I think that the Simpsons will continue for much more longer time than 20 years, and I think this will be the world's most appreciated show ever.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Monsters are Due on Maple Street

Monsters are Due on Maple Street showed a message that "Guns are not the only weapons people have. Suspicion and mistrust can be even worse". In the story, the aliens took Maple Street to free the worse enemy people had and it was themselves. People didn't knew who they could blame for the blackout and the aliens, and they started to look for a scapegoat. Every time they accuse someone, that person blamed another one. Everybody suspected from who they say and ended up killing Pete van Horn and then all the neighbors destroyed everything they could.

I think that the message is right, when people suspect of others it means that they don't trust them. People were blamed even though they weren't guilty. The problem wasn't telling the truth at first, what really started the fight was one blaming another. I think that this story really tells what the author was feeling when he wrote this story. This story reminds me when I once fighted with my sister, I was playing and she wanted to play too, but the game was just for one person. When I went to get her so she could play, the game stopped and then she told my father I did something to her. I had done nothing to her but I was blamed.

Technology would change a lot in the play. Scientist don't know so much of aliens because they haven't seen them or have evidences of how and where they live, so for the play they could put aliens the way they think they are. In a blackout, it wouldn't be possible that battery electronics and motorized vehicles would be affected, only plugs and light could be. For the play, I would continue using the cars blackout because the story is about aliens and that makes the story cooler. I would continue using the town because it makes the story scarier and difficulter for people to get help. For the aliens landing, I would make aliens land at the back of a bush in a little mountain because people can't see them and aliens have a good place to look what is happening. If Tommy was updated for the play, instead reading comics, he would watch TV programs and using Internet to give the information.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Wii is the last console launched by Nintendo up to today, it was first going to be called Revolution. Wii's controller will be wireless and will detect motion as you move it, it will also have different types of controllers, a classical, a shotgun, and connectivityto the Gamecube controller. Wii, will be launched at November 19 of this year.

Some charateristics of the Wii are:

  1. It will be very small, like three cases of DVD movies and can be placed horizontaly or vertically.
  2. Wii can be connected to Internet by Wi-fi, you can play with many people in the world. Wii can also be connected to Nintendo DS.
  3. Wii is compatible with Nintendo Gamecube games, it will also have the space for controllers and memory cards.

I can't wait for Wii to be launched. I think it will be very cool to play with you own movements, technology of today is increasing a lot and things are getting better. I would like to have a Wii because I think it is very interesting and the games that are told to be launched sound to be really good. Wii will change critically the way people has seen video games and this will prove how much technology is today. Here you can find more info about Wii.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

My Story Draft

"Finally!" George celebrated after a boring day of school. It was a Friday, but George didn't have plans for the day and went to play at the computer. He was bored and just stayed for an hour waiting for somebody to call and give him a plan. "You came late today" George said to his little sister that had just arrived from her school, "What a hard day!" his sister answered. His sister was called Annie, she liked to bother, play, and have everything for her, "Give me the computer" she said naturally.

"Hello, today your father and me are going to a hotel!," George's mother told him, "But mom" both George and Annie said. George's mother was organizing the bag, "Are you ready to go?" dad asked to mom, "Just a few minutes." George went to the room where his sister was and said "I got nothing to do so I'll play videogames." Oh my God is my sister's game, George started to play, so Annie went to tell George "May I play?""Hey what are you doing, I took the game and you are on the computer" George said, Annie got mad and went to her parent's room and stayed still like if she was going to die. After a while George had been done with the game, he went where his sister was "I'm done playing, you can play now but please don't take what I use" George pleaded, but his bad luck came and stopped the game because they had just repaired it from a problem it had.

When Annie came to see the game, she saw that it had stuck in the moment and said "Hey its not working, you did something to it" "You can't accuse me in that way, I just went to get you and the game just got stucked" George answered. She went back to her parent's room and continue acting the way she was before. Her dad saw her and started to get mad, "George!" he called, "What did you just do to your sister, why is she acting like that." "I know he did something to it, he knows it" his sister didn't want to admit that the game had stuck by itself and she knew that the game couldn't be stopped that easy. Dad called George and started the big show "We can't go out tonight, we don't know what this boy can do to his little sister" dad said to mom. "I swear I didn't do it, I'm not going to hit her" George wanted to tell he was innocent, but his dad didn't believe him. "Please, believe what I am telling you right now" George tried to tell his dad the excuse, but he couldn't.

After a while in the fight, "George didn't do something to make his sister cry" George's mom believed in him because she knew when their sons lied. Even though George's mom explained what really happened, dad " I don't want excuses" he answered. It was so much that father rejected excuses that they cancelled the trip and mom got very sad because she really wanted to go. It wasn't fair and Annie didn't helped until they cancelled making herself look like if she was trying, but that wasn't enough. Dad just went to talk with his sons and telled them "I hope this happen again, next time this happens you are both going to be punished, this was just a warning."

Friday, October 13, 2006

Chile World Champion in Women Ice Hockey

Here there is an article I found in Xinhua written by Pliny Han, it is about the Hockey Women's World Cup:

"SANTIAGO, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- Chile won the world ice hockey championships for
women on Sunday, after beating Spain 2-1 in San Miguel's Olympic Gymnasium.

Ahead of the competition, Rodrigo Quintanilla, the Chile squad's coach,
told media his only goal was to be in the top 10 of the competition, but
team work and determination took them to the top.

winning goals
were the work of Francisca Puertas, who scored a powerful
equalizer, and
Fernanda Urrea who scored the "golden goal" on the
from a puck sent away
from goal by the Spanish goalkeeper.

Spanish team failed to convert
two penalties thanks to great
goalkeeping by
keeper Constanza Reyes, but scored
the game's first goal
in the opening
minutes of the second half, thanks to Carla

Chile's path
to gold began with a 4-1 victory over England.
team also beat
Switzerland 3-2, after losing 0-2 to Argentina; and with two
victories won
through to the second phase.

In the knockout
phase, the
beat Colombia 3-2 with a golden goal, then beat
Portugal 4-3 in the
final and on Sunday beat Spain in the final.

The competition that
ended on Sunday is the eighth edition of the
championship. It began on Sept.
with 16 teams. Argentina, England,
Switzerland, Chile, Brazil, the United
States, Colombia, South Africa,
Spain, Germany, Australia, Macao, Portugal,
France, India and Italy."

My favorite sport is soccer and is the only sport I watch. I don't pay attention to hockey, but I like that my country is World Champion in a sport. I think that it is an honor for Chileans to have talent for a sport and being the best. It seems that it was a hard competition because this countries are really good at sports. Chile after winning this title, we became the world's champions at the Rally competition. My country has been First place in 5 sports, they are:

  1. Tennis
  2. Ice Hockey for Women
  3. Rally
  4. Underwater Fishing
  5. Horse Riding

I am proud of my country because everyday I hear new good things about it and I feel very happy of being Chilean.

A Bad Vacation

Wow,1 imagine you have a summer vacation you are going to England. In the airport,2 your father gives you his bag. The bag has documents, credit card, and some money.3 When you are getting into the airplane you get the wrong boarding pass and you are taken to the USA. You start thinking that this can be a great vacation with money to spend in a great place, you get happy, get impatient, and you imagine all what you can buy.4 The problem is that you are sitting next to a fat man that gets a saliba river in his mouth and you almost touch it, in the other side you have a strange guy that stares at you all the time.

5When you are going out of the airplane, the strange guy talks to you in a 6friendly, strange, and polite way. 7Sitting next to him in a restaurant, he invites you to eat 6fabulous, delicious, and great food. Then he talks, he looks at your bag, and you eat without noticing the worst thing that could happen.8 The guy suddenly tells you he is going to the bathroom, but he takes your bag and runs out of the airport. The guy of the restaurant tells you to pay, but you don't have money so you have to work washing dishes, very dirty dishes. Suddenly, you feel your stomach is reacting to something, you need to go to the bathroom but all of them are closed, the only solution is going to the girls bathroom. When you get inside it was full of women and you get embarassed and you run. At the end, when you think nothing worser can happen, you open your eyes and discover it was just a dream, Oh My God!

1. Yes, no, or interjection

2. Prepositional phrase

3. Objects

4. Phrases

5. Adverb Clause

6. Modifiers

7. Participial phrase

8. Independent Clauses

Thursday, October 05, 2006

My Mistakes

When I make mistakes I have different ways of reacting, depending on the situation. One of my bad habits when I try to solve problems is that I have no patience and I try to do things faster and the problems can get worse. Sometimes when I am under pressure I might get ideas, but they may not work so good. When I have a lot of time to reflect, I think of many ideas, then I ask to somebody for help and we can chose the best way of solving.

One time I had a problem was in 5 grade, when I had a group project and we leave it until the last day. That day we couldn't meet in a house because my partner didn't have somebody to take it to my home and I couldn't go to his house neither, and we didn't even have the materials! He wasn't preoccupied for doing it, I had entered into desperation and didn't know what to do.

As time passed I had already done the story I had to put in my project, but I still had to make the most important part that was to make a story in a box, so when you rolled the tube the story could be seen. When my mom finally arrived, I started to tell her the story about my problem, she was angry, but she decided to help me because it was the only solution I had thought to do.

It was almost midnight, we were all falling asleep and the project wasn't even finished. I went to my room to sleep, but I didn't notice that I still had to do some things to my project, but I was too tired to do it.

The next day, I went to the bathroom to take a shower and get ready for school, when I got out of it, I saw my project finished and ready to take it to school. When I had the class with my teacher and I asked for the project, so guess what, it was for the next day, I wanted to die because I spent the whole day working on it. So from that day, I never leave group projects for the last day, and I even got a good grade on it, but I don't think we deserved this grade because my partner didn't work and I received a lot of help of my mother.

Monday, October 02, 2006

A Cool Movie

On Friday I went to get a movie that I had had to turn back for Saturday. The movie I saw was called "I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer". It was about some teenage friends that wanted to make a joke for June 4. The joke was to make a guy dress like a legendary fisherman that killed teenagers that hided secrets. When the fisherman appeared, everybody got scared, and a friend with a skate started to escape. In the joke, this guy had to jump from a high building down to some matresses so people would think he died. The problem is that somebody moved the matresses, they don't know who, so the guy fell into a truck and was covered entirely with blood. As the guy was dead, the friends were laughing and the guy that was dressed as the fisherman said that his hook was the same of the legend. When they got to check to his friend, they noticed what had really happened, something had caused his death.

After the tragedy, the friends went to a bonfire and swear not to tell the truth about the joke and what caused his death.

One year later, about 4 days before the aniversary of the joke's death, somebody started to send messages that said "I know what you did last summer", but the phone could't tell where they come from. Those four days, the friends were really scared and didn't know what to do.
Everyday, one of the friend's was attacked by the fisherman.

This was a cool movie, it is the third from it's series. I have watched the three movies and when you see the first 2 movies, you don't get so scared in the last one. I like these kind of movies that they kill people like in a legend. I have heard many stories of some assassins or monsters that appear in some time. I like to hear these kind of stories because I get anxious to know what and how it happens. When I saw this movie, I remembered when I saw the second one. All the lights in my house were turned off and we were with my uncle. When we were about to sleep, my uncle came covered with a dark mantle and a hook in his hand, it was really scary. As he got closer to us, he started to say "I know what you did last summer". It was very funny when he started to laugh about his joke. I would recommend people to see this movie because I know they would like it and talk about it.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Old Trafford

Old Trafford is the stadium from Manchester United FC, also called the Theater of Dreams, it is the second best stadium in the world. Old Trafford is located in Greater Manchester, Manchester, England. It was opened in 1910, and has been their official stadium since that year. The year 1941, the Old Trafford was bombed and Manchester City had to share their stadium with Manchester United, until 1949.

Old Trafford is by far, the largest stadium in Britain, it has a capacity 'in excess' of 76,000 people.

After the second level was finished, Manchester United placed some banners:

031 Years — Length of time since United's local rivals Manchester City had won a major trophy. Supporters placed a set of matching numbers with velcro so that the number could be updated.
One Love – Stretford End – MUFC — "One Love" title of a song by Manchester band the Stone Roses, it was played at the 1999 European Cup final, which Manchester United won.
February 6, 1958 – The Flowers of Manchester — Made to the Munich air disaster, in which eight United players died. The Flowers of Manchester is the title of a tribute song by The Spinners, who ironically hail from the city of their biggest rivals, Liverpool.

My favorite team is Manchester United. I would love to go to Old Trafford stadium. It seems that Manchester United expend a lot of money building, and rebuilding their stadium. Manchester is the best team ever(said by experts), and I would love to go to a final in the VIP room in Old Trafford. Many important players have played there, and there are still some important ones.

I Like My Blog

My blog has maked classes better. I think that making a blog makes classes funnier and cooler. I feel that my life has changed, because I never expected to make a blog for a class! In my blog I can express what I feel and make comments to my friends to talk about things we agree or disagree. With the blog and Mr. Hide, I have learned to put photos, and links to my posts, I have put even videos! It is very easy to mantain a blog, having a blogspot is not difficult to use, there people has read about the things I like.

I think that I have learned a lot about blogging, but I think there are many more things that I have to learn. Having a blog has helped me express myself and I feel comfortable of that. Making this blog has surprised me a lot, because all of the things I have learned.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Scary "Three Skeleton Key"

I liked the story of "Three Skeleton Key". It was very tricky and scary in some parts of the story, but some paragraphs got kind of boring.

I liked the part when the rats entered to the lighthouse, because it reminded me about my house in Chile. They were constructing a house for my neighbors in an empty place next to my house. It seemed that some rats lived in that grass, because they all went to my house and you could see them in many parts, it was really disgusting but very funny.

There was another sentence that said that the rats jumped to the water to get the sailors that went to the lighthouse, when I read that I felt very accelerated to know what would happen, it was very exciting. When I read that I remembered that one day in the morning I saw the pool of my house, when I saw the pool's floor, I noticed that there was something inside it. When I got closer to it, it was a rat that had sank into the water and now it was dead. When I told my mom, she told me that I had to take it out of the pool. That was horrible! Luckily, I had got a really long net so I dind't touch the rat. I wanted to throw it to my neighbors, but that would be disrespectful, so I put it inside a bag and then put it into the garbage.

In conclusion, the story is very fun. It says many things that remind me about experiences I had. Now I remember about a TV show called Tom & Jerry, it was about a cat that was always chasing the rat making traps, it is like in the story when they say that the sailors put some meat in a place to get the rats, and then they burn them with gasoline. This was a very cool story.