Thursday, January 25, 2007

Our Special Place

I read a question at the Teen Life Wiki and I wanted to answer it, so I wonder what people from different parts of the world have a special place to go to, and if they have, what is it like? My friends and I have a special place too, it is the Campito 2010. Almost every Friday after school we go to the Campito, which is a mini soccer field with synthetic grass with walls around it. In the Campito we have played friendly games, we have won a tournament, and we have celebrated birthdays too. The Campito is one of my favorite places in Cartagena, it is a place were many kids and teenagers gather.

When we participated at the tournament we were very happy, there were many teams that looked strong and had good players. Our uniform was from the Real Madrid because it was a team that no one in our team liked because people liked different teams and that was a fair decision. The first seven matches were done to define which teams would play with who at a knock out round. We were in the middle so the other team had like the same ability, but we beat them, then there were four teams at the semi-finals and we won too. In the last match we were losing from one difference goal, but we ended up beating them at a 4-2 score.


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