Monday, October 02, 2006

A Cool Movie

On Friday I went to get a movie that I had had to turn back for Saturday. The movie I saw was called "I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer". It was about some teenage friends that wanted to make a joke for June 4. The joke was to make a guy dress like a legendary fisherman that killed teenagers that hided secrets. When the fisherman appeared, everybody got scared, and a friend with a skate started to escape. In the joke, this guy had to jump from a high building down to some matresses so people would think he died. The problem is that somebody moved the matresses, they don't know who, so the guy fell into a truck and was covered entirely with blood. As the guy was dead, the friends were laughing and the guy that was dressed as the fisherman said that his hook was the same of the legend. When they got to check to his friend, they noticed what had really happened, something had caused his death.

After the tragedy, the friends went to a bonfire and swear not to tell the truth about the joke and what caused his death.

One year later, about 4 days before the aniversary of the joke's death, somebody started to send messages that said "I know what you did last summer", but the phone could't tell where they come from. Those four days, the friends were really scared and didn't know what to do.
Everyday, one of the friend's was attacked by the fisherman.

This was a cool movie, it is the third from it's series. I have watched the three movies and when you see the first 2 movies, you don't get so scared in the last one. I like these kind of movies that they kill people like in a legend. I have heard many stories of some assassins or monsters that appear in some time. I like to hear these kind of stories because I get anxious to know what and how it happens. When I saw this movie, I remembered when I saw the second one. All the lights in my house were turned off and we were with my uncle. When we were about to sleep, my uncle came covered with a dark mantle and a hook in his hand, it was really scary. As he got closer to us, he started to say "I know what you did last summer". It was very funny when he started to laugh about his joke. I would recommend people to see this movie because I know they would like it and talk about it.


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From what you told me, that makes me want to see it.

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