Friday, October 13, 2006

Chile World Champion in Women Ice Hockey

Here there is an article I found in Xinhua written by Pliny Han, it is about the Hockey Women's World Cup:

"SANTIAGO, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- Chile won the world ice hockey championships for
women on Sunday, after beating Spain 2-1 in San Miguel's Olympic Gymnasium.

Ahead of the competition, Rodrigo Quintanilla, the Chile squad's coach,
told media his only goal was to be in the top 10 of the competition, but
team work and determination took them to the top.

winning goals
were the work of Francisca Puertas, who scored a powerful
equalizer, and
Fernanda Urrea who scored the "golden goal" on the
from a puck sent away
from goal by the Spanish goalkeeper.

Spanish team failed to convert
two penalties thanks to great
goalkeeping by
keeper Constanza Reyes, but scored
the game's first goal
in the opening
minutes of the second half, thanks to Carla

Chile's path
to gold began with a 4-1 victory over England.
team also beat
Switzerland 3-2, after losing 0-2 to Argentina; and with two
victories won
through to the second phase.

In the knockout
phase, the
beat Colombia 3-2 with a golden goal, then beat
Portugal 4-3 in the
final and on Sunday beat Spain in the final.

The competition that
ended on Sunday is the eighth edition of the
championship. It began on Sept.
with 16 teams. Argentina, England,
Switzerland, Chile, Brazil, the United
States, Colombia, South Africa,
Spain, Germany, Australia, Macao, Portugal,
France, India and Italy."

My favorite sport is soccer and is the only sport I watch. I don't pay attention to hockey, but I like that my country is World Champion in a sport. I think that it is an honor for Chileans to have talent for a sport and being the best. It seems that it was a hard competition because this countries are really good at sports. Chile after winning this title, we became the world's champions at the Rally competition. My country has been First place in 5 sports, they are:

  1. Tennis
  2. Ice Hockey for Women
  3. Rally
  4. Underwater Fishing
  5. Horse Riding

I am proud of my country because everyday I hear new good things about it and I feel very happy of being Chilean.


Blogger Pau I said...

Hi Eduardo! I think this post is relevant because I think it is very important to feel proud of your country and even if it is about a sport that you don't pay much attention to, like ice hockey. Great post!

10:17 PM  

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