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For the Teen Life Project I decided to focus on smokig, I look for information at Wikipedia. Smoking tobacco is inhaling smoke coming from the burned tobacco leaves. Some people smoke as an addiction, a ritualistic-purpose, to calm nerves or stress, or for pleasure. History tells that smoking came from the Native Americans and then expanded worldwide. Tobacco contains nicotine, a substance that people get addict with and for a short period it can increase alertness, memory, and mood. Nicotine can also increase anxiety and restlessness. Smoking is a huge way of increasing health problems, it can give cancer in different parts of the body like the tongue, the heart, blood, specially the lungs, and it can also give heart attacks and diseases.

Tobacco can affect people in body functions, physically and mentally, and in genetics. Tobacco can prevent oxygen going into the fetus and creating premature death, blood flow in the placenta is also reduced. When pregnant moms inhale smoke, babies can be born with a higher possibility of mental retardation. Smoking also increases the possibility of a heart attack, pulmonary diseases, and cancer. Studies have said that the amount and the time you smoke can vary the possibilities of getting a disease, the less tobacco you consume, the less the probability of problems. People who smoke prefer enjoying a cigar than caring for their health. Some people think that smoking calm their nerves and reduce stress, other people, specially teenagers, start smoking because their “friends” tell them it is cool.

Smoking cigars are not the only ways people can inhale tobacco, second-hand smoking also affects people beside a person who has a cigar. Second-hand smoking can cause asthma and the already mentioned cancers, ear infections, and sudden infant death. The addictive substance of nicotine is very difficult to leave because once you take it; it replaces some chemicals in the brain that if you try to leave tobacco your body parts feel strange so leaving smoke is difficult. Experts have also proved that smoking causes depression after the effects of cigars have passed.

I think that smoking has affected many people in the world. Nicotine is a very damaging substance even though it isn’t as dangerous as cocaine, crack, and other harmful drugs. I think that smoking has so many bad diseases that I can’t get an idea on why people has to smoke if they are risking their life and other people’s life in such a harmful way, don’t they feel ashamed of themselves? One of the things I mostly dislike from smoking are the people who smoke in public places and damage the air and the people nearby with such a useless and dangerous material. Another thing I don’t understand is why does people sell cigars if they know how much danger they cause?

I have learned a lot of the bad things about smoking, but still I want to learn more and more. Another thing I would like to really investigate is what are people doing to prevent or make people stop smoking?


Blogger Pau I said...

Hi Edddd!

I think that your post about smoking is really interesting and well-done. I'm also going to do my project about smoking and I put some information in my blog. I didn't know all that history about the Native Americans and smoking! Well, bye!

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