Sunday, February 18, 2007

What is People Doing to Prevent Smoking?

Now I’m expanding my knowledge about smoking, and as I told you, I will talk about what people is doing to stop or prevent others from smoking. My resource to answer my questions was at Wikipedia.

In some countries, some treaties are being sign. An example can be the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control; it did a great work to prevent smoking. The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control prevents people from smoking at indoor public places, some outdoor public places, public transport, and other public places; this will prevent to reduce the amounts of secondhand smokers. Some countries made illegal the sale of tobacco to underage boys, the minimum age is 16; other countries prevent the sale to under 18 and in 4 states in the United States, you must be 19 or older.

Cigarettes now have a high taxation to prevent people buying them. The taxes collected by boxes are used in prevention programs. The high taxation has made the people to decrease or sometimes leave smoking, due to the cost of a single package. In the United States, taxation can vary from place to place, some taxes are very low, but others might be high. For example, in South Carolina the taxes for a cigarette are 7 cents, while in New York the box can cost 7 dollars.

Some countries have different methods to prevent people from smoke; some boxes say the risks of smoking. In Canada, boxes include a card that tells how to quit smoking, there are 16 different cards. Also, in Canada and other countries, one-third of the box is covered by graphs, television ads, and pictures of people at the hospital. All these advertises have decreased the amount of smokers in a reasonably way, but there are still a lot of people to help.

Many things have been done to prevent smoking; these have made a lot of people who smoke to leave it. I think that the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control did a great job on eliminating smoke at public places; a lot of people were affected by secondhand smoking and now they can be relaxed in not putting their health in danger. From the high taxes, I think it has some advantages but disadvantages too. High taxes reduce the amount of people who smoke because of the high price, but I think that since nicotine is a very addictive chemical, it can make a lot of people to waste a great amount of their money in a box of cigars. I like the idea of the pictures and cards in the cigarette’s boxes, it isn’t very nice to see, but it makes a lot of people not to smoke.

I learned a lot about what people is doing to prevent or stop people from smoking, but there is always something left to learn. To expand my knowledge I would like to research about smoking and society, what does religions think about smoking? Do they think that it is good or bad?


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hi eddie! i think that the part about canada putting the ads on the smoking box is very good and also i agree on what you said about the tax of cigarretes raising. well, good job!

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