Thursday, October 26, 2006

My Story Draft

"Finally!" George celebrated after a boring day of school. It was a Friday, but George didn't have plans for the day and went to play at the computer. He was bored and just stayed for an hour waiting for somebody to call and give him a plan. "You came late today" George said to his little sister that had just arrived from her school, "What a hard day!" his sister answered. His sister was called Annie, she liked to bother, play, and have everything for her, "Give me the computer" she said naturally.

"Hello, today your father and me are going to a hotel!," George's mother told him, "But mom" both George and Annie said. George's mother was organizing the bag, "Are you ready to go?" dad asked to mom, "Just a few minutes." George went to the room where his sister was and said "I got nothing to do so I'll play videogames." Oh my God is my sister's game, George started to play, so Annie went to tell George "May I play?""Hey what are you doing, I took the game and you are on the computer" George said, Annie got mad and went to her parent's room and stayed still like if she was going to die. After a while George had been done with the game, he went where his sister was "I'm done playing, you can play now but please don't take what I use" George pleaded, but his bad luck came and stopped the game because they had just repaired it from a problem it had.

When Annie came to see the game, she saw that it had stuck in the moment and said "Hey its not working, you did something to it" "You can't accuse me in that way, I just went to get you and the game just got stucked" George answered. She went back to her parent's room and continue acting the way she was before. Her dad saw her and started to get mad, "George!" he called, "What did you just do to your sister, why is she acting like that." "I know he did something to it, he knows it" his sister didn't want to admit that the game had stuck by itself and she knew that the game couldn't be stopped that easy. Dad called George and started the big show "We can't go out tonight, we don't know what this boy can do to his little sister" dad said to mom. "I swear I didn't do it, I'm not going to hit her" George wanted to tell he was innocent, but his dad didn't believe him. "Please, believe what I am telling you right now" George tried to tell his dad the excuse, but he couldn't.

After a while in the fight, "George didn't do something to make his sister cry" George's mom believed in him because she knew when their sons lied. Even though George's mom explained what really happened, dad " I don't want excuses" he answered. It was so much that father rejected excuses that they cancelled the trip and mom got very sad because she really wanted to go. It wasn't fair and Annie didn't helped until they cancelled making herself look like if she was trying, but that wasn't enough. Dad just went to talk with his sons and telled them "I hope this happen again, next time this happens you are both going to be punished, this was just a warning."


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