Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Simpson

The Simpsons have been one of the most popular TV shows since their debut on 1989. It was created by Matt Groening and now it is directed by Al Jean. The Simpsons have been on air for almost 2o years and have almost completed 400 episodes! They are now presenting the eighteenth season and have really good episodes. The Simpsons have won many awards since they were presented, 23 Emmy Awards, 22 Annie Awards, a Peabody, a Star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, a 20th century greatest achievements, the best century program, Bart was named on the 100 influencial people, and many other awards.

The Simpson family is composed by Homer Simpson(father), Marge Simpson(mother), Bart Simpson(oldest brother), Lisa Simpson(middle sister), and Maggie Simpson(baby). These are the main characters of the family, but in some episodes they show other familiares. Every character on the show has a big difference from others. Some of them are known for some phrases they use like Bart's "Ay caramba" and Homer's "D'oh" which is finded on the oxford's dictionary. Even in some episodes, they use famous people as characters, they have used musical bands, presidents, and sports players.

I love to watch the Simpsons when I can. This TV show has been the best cartoons I have watch. The Simpsons are funny and interesting, in the TV show they have done almost everything. When I watch the Simposons I laugh and have a good time. My favorite character is Bart, he makes funny jokes and like to bother people. I also like Homer, he doesn't have very intelligent ideas, but it results into funny problems they need to fix.

I think the Simpsons have influenced in many terms. Many people use their phrases and even musical bands have been influenced by this TV show. I think that the Simpsons will continue for much more longer time than 20 years, and I think this will be the world's most appreciated show ever.


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