Thursday, September 21, 2006

Scary "Three Skeleton Key"

I liked the story of "Three Skeleton Key". It was very tricky and scary in some parts of the story, but some paragraphs got kind of boring.

I liked the part when the rats entered to the lighthouse, because it reminded me about my house in Chile. They were constructing a house for my neighbors in an empty place next to my house. It seemed that some rats lived in that grass, because they all went to my house and you could see them in many parts, it was really disgusting but very funny.

There was another sentence that said that the rats jumped to the water to get the sailors that went to the lighthouse, when I read that I felt very accelerated to know what would happen, it was very exciting. When I read that I remembered that one day in the morning I saw the pool of my house, when I saw the pool's floor, I noticed that there was something inside it. When I got closer to it, it was a rat that had sank into the water and now it was dead. When I told my mom, she told me that I had to take it out of the pool. That was horrible! Luckily, I had got a really long net so I dind't touch the rat. I wanted to throw it to my neighbors, but that would be disrespectful, so I put it inside a bag and then put it into the garbage.

In conclusion, the story is very fun. It says many things that remind me about experiences I had. Now I remember about a TV show called Tom & Jerry, it was about a cat that was always chasing the rat making traps, it is like in the story when they say that the sailors put some meat in a place to get the rats, and then they burn them with gasoline. This was a very cool story.


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