Thursday, September 28, 2006

Old Trafford

Old Trafford is the stadium from Manchester United FC, also called the Theater of Dreams, it is the second best stadium in the world. Old Trafford is located in Greater Manchester, Manchester, England. It was opened in 1910, and has been their official stadium since that year. The year 1941, the Old Trafford was bombed and Manchester City had to share their stadium with Manchester United, until 1949.

Old Trafford is by far, the largest stadium in Britain, it has a capacity 'in excess' of 76,000 people.

After the second level was finished, Manchester United placed some banners:

031 Years — Length of time since United's local rivals Manchester City had won a major trophy. Supporters placed a set of matching numbers with velcro so that the number could be updated.
One Love – Stretford End – MUFC — "One Love" title of a song by Manchester band the Stone Roses, it was played at the 1999 European Cup final, which Manchester United won.
February 6, 1958 – The Flowers of Manchester — Made to the Munich air disaster, in which eight United players died. The Flowers of Manchester is the title of a tribute song by The Spinners, who ironically hail from the city of their biggest rivals, Liverpool.

My favorite team is Manchester United. I would love to go to Old Trafford stadium. It seems that Manchester United expend a lot of money building, and rebuilding their stadium. Manchester is the best team ever(said by experts), and I would love to go to a final in the VIP room in Old Trafford. Many important players have played there, and there are still some important ones.


Blogger miguel m said...

Edua I think the manchester united is a very cool stadium it has ver cool things and its big. I like the post because it was very detailed and the images help it be more detailed. the most detailed image was the last one. My team is not Manutd but anyway I have to admite that the stadium is cool.

11:33 AM  
Blogger sari15 said...

EDUARDO WOW! these was very cool. These stadium is awsome. I like a lot your post about these stadium of manchester united, but I think you have to varied and put different things. In generally I like your post

8:45 PM  

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