Thursday, January 11, 2007

Introduction to Myself

My name is Eduardo; I am a 13 years old boy that lives in Cartagena, Colombia. I was born in Chile, but I had to move to Bogotá when I was 3 years old for my father's job. When I was 8 I returned to Chile, but my father couldn't find a job in the city so my dad got a job in Cartagena. As we were living in Chile, my father lived in Colombia, every 2 weeks he came to visit us, but that stressed him a lot plus all the problems he had to solve at his job, so we decided to come and live with him, that’s how I came to live here.

In Cartagena, I study in a school called Colegio Jorge Washington and I am in 7°A. Some of the subjects I like are math, P.E, and social studies. I do well at school; my grades are high even though I can do better. I like the way my teachers explain what they have to teach, they use many different ways that help us learn a lot. My school isn’t very big, but parents decided to move it where there is more space. The school we have has few rooms and only one soccer field and it also has a basketball court.

One of the things I like to do the most with my friends is playing soccer. Every week we go to play at the Campito, where there is a micro football court, we have also won a tournament in there. In the school we have a soccer team for middle school, and I play as defense for it. In my spare time, I like playing video games if I can’t play soccer at that time.

Smoking is affecting many people in the world. When a person smokes, it pollutes his body, especially his lungs. Even though smoking is bad for the person, you should know that the smoke is worse to the person who is near him, this is called second-hand smoking. Smoking is a dangerous addiction which has caused the death of many people.

Doctors and experts have done some things to prevent or make people stop smoking. Some people take nicotine gum, which is a gum with some of the flavor a cigarette has, this makes you taste an ugly flavor which can make you stop smoking. Other thing I saw in a TV commercial was a filter called Nic-Out. This filter is a little object you put in the part of the cigarette where you inhale and this filter takes much part of the tobacco so you don’t pollute yourself.

Another issue people are going through is pollution. Many people take part of an unconscious act where much part of the world is affected. There are different ways of polluting, people can pollute when they use their cars, when they throw chemicals to the water, and when people burn oil are some of the ways places are being destroyed. There are places like Santiago, Chile, where a big cloud of smog has been formed. In Santiago, some people cannot make sports for getting sick with this pollution.

The last issue I will talk about will be a big one, this is global warming. There are different chemicals that gather in the Earth’s ozone layer and let UV rays from the Sun come into the earth but not going out. Global Warming is causing poles start melting and lakes are evaporating. Graphics have shown how in time heat has increased, they also show how much it will increase in the next years and it will be a drastically change.


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