Thursday, November 02, 2006

Monsters are Due on Maple Street

Monsters are Due on Maple Street showed a message that "Guns are not the only weapons people have. Suspicion and mistrust can be even worse". In the story, the aliens took Maple Street to free the worse enemy people had and it was themselves. People didn't knew who they could blame for the blackout and the aliens, and they started to look for a scapegoat. Every time they accuse someone, that person blamed another one. Everybody suspected from who they say and ended up killing Pete van Horn and then all the neighbors destroyed everything they could.

I think that the message is right, when people suspect of others it means that they don't trust them. People were blamed even though they weren't guilty. The problem wasn't telling the truth at first, what really started the fight was one blaming another. I think that this story really tells what the author was feeling when he wrote this story. This story reminds me when I once fighted with my sister, I was playing and she wanted to play too, but the game was just for one person. When I went to get her so she could play, the game stopped and then she told my father I did something to her. I had done nothing to her but I was blamed.

Technology would change a lot in the play. Scientist don't know so much of aliens because they haven't seen them or have evidences of how and where they live, so for the play they could put aliens the way they think they are. In a blackout, it wouldn't be possible that battery electronics and motorized vehicles would be affected, only plugs and light could be. For the play, I would continue using the cars blackout because the story is about aliens and that makes the story cooler. I would continue using the town because it makes the story scarier and difficulter for people to get help. For the aliens landing, I would make aliens land at the back of a bush in a little mountain because people can't see them and aliens have a good place to look what is happening. If Tommy was updated for the play, instead reading comics, he would watch TV programs and using Internet to give the information.


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