Thursday, February 22, 2007

Smoking And Society

In my past researches I had learned about smoking and what people is doing to prevent it, today, I will write about the opinions of society on smoking. The page were I took my information was at Wikipedia.

Religions and other cultures think that smoking is either good or bad. The religions I am talking about are against smoking, other cultures are in favor of it. Native Americans have a different view on smoking than the one people have. Tobacco for Native Americans is sacred; it is used for rituals, taken after the evening meal, and before going to sleep. Native Americans thought that tobacco was the ultimate sacred plant because they believed that it would take them to the heavens. Some Native Americans often operate some tobacco stores; they also use Internet to sell them. One fact people has discovered is that the tobacco grown in South America is much more powerful than the one grown in North America.

Before scientists discovered that smoking was bad, Christian preachers believed that smoking was a disrespectful habit because they believed that God had given people their bodies and they were not respecting them. In the Christian religion, smoking is a sin.

Yisrael Meir Kagan, a Jewish Rabbi, was one of the first Jewish who spoke against smoking. Yisrael couldn’t stand looking at people who smoke, he thought that smoking was a waste of time and that smokers should have never started to take cigars. Jewish prayers think that indoor smoking should be prevented knowing the other people are in danger too.

Smoking and Muhammed, the Islam Prophet, never lived at the same time. Islam has been adding principles to their religion and people had concluded that smoking should be forbidden. Muslims can’t stand looking at people smoking; however, smoking is more accepted than alcohol and other drugs.

People want to control smoking in their cities. Environmental groups, political groups, and other organizations are some of the people who want smoking to be ceased. There are some people who have manifested their opinions in favor of smoking, they stated that smoking isn’t as bad as alcohol and drugs, they say that tobacco calms their stress and feelings.

I am in favor of almost all the opinions saying that smoking is bad and immoral. Even though people have different ways of thinking, smoking is an issue most cultures want to stop. I feel happy that many people are changing their minds on smoking and that they really are doing something to stop it. I don’t agree with Native Americans who think that smoking is sacred, but I respect their beliefs. I know that there are people that don’t really follow a religion, but they still know smoking is bad, and I feel glad of it.

I am feeling very inspired with this project, but I would like to make more people in the world read about it, not only the four schools in this project. For the next step I will take on smoking, I would like to talk about the different ways that people consume tobacco.


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