Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Wii is the last console launched by Nintendo up to today, it was first going to be called Revolution. Wii's controller will be wireless and will detect motion as you move it, it will also have different types of controllers, a classical, a shotgun, and connectivityto the Gamecube controller. Wii, will be launched at November 19 of this year.

Some charateristics of the Wii are:

  1. It will be very small, like three cases of DVD movies and can be placed horizontaly or vertically.
  2. Wii can be connected to Internet by Wi-fi, you can play with many people in the world. Wii can also be connected to Nintendo DS.
  3. Wii is compatible with Nintendo Gamecube games, it will also have the space for controllers and memory cards.

I can't wait for Wii to be launched. I think it will be very cool to play with you own movements, technology of today is increasing a lot and things are getting better. I would like to have a Wii because I think it is very interesting and the games that are told to be launched sound to be really good. Wii will change critically the way people has seen video games and this will prove how much technology is today. Here you can find more info about Wii.


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