Sunday, March 04, 2007

Different Ways of Smoking

This is the last week of research and for my last post I decided to talk about the different ways people burn and smoke tobacco. The page where I looked up for the information was at Wikipedia.

Cigarette is one of the most common ways people smoke tobacco. A cigarette is a rolled paper with dried up tobacco leaves. Cigarettes contain a cotton-like thing that is the part you introduce into your mouth and inhale the tobacco; the cotton thing acts like a filter to reduce the amount of nicotine taken at the time you inhale. Cigarettes contain a great amount of chemicals, and some of them increase the possibilities of getting cancer and other human diseases.

A cigar is a tightly- rolled package of dried and fermented tobacco leaves. Tobacco leaves to make cigars are produced in high quantities in countries like Cuba. Many cigars’ fans have considered the high quality of Cuban tobacco, but the relative quality is said to have been reduced due to the Cuban government. People have noticed that as the Cuban tobacco quality reduces, tobacco from other countries have increased their quality.

The smoking pipe is devices with a bowl-like shape were the tobacco is placed and a little tube and a mouth piece were the smoke is taken. Smoking pipes are made of different materials, such as clay, wood, metal, glass, bamboo, and other materials. The tobacco used for smoking pipes is usually manipulated to change the taste and smell of it. A problem of manipulated tobacco is that the changes affect the people in a negative way. One thing on smoking pipes is that only the tobacco for it can be changed in taste and smell, other types of tobacco flavor and smell switching for smoking are not in markets for sale. Smoking pipes are usually made by artists who carve them; these smoking pipes are a valuable piece of collection for the fans that collect them.

Hookahs are a traditional smoking operator that bases on water filtering and indirect heat. The tobacco used for hookahs are usually exotic and richly flavor. Some of the most commonly found flavors for hookahs in the markets include apple, grape, and vanilla. There are other flavors that are not very common such as cola, coconut, and cappuccino. It is said that from the different ways of smoking, the hookah is the less damaging one since it has the water filtration. Studies have also said that the hookah is very harmful to health due to the amount of smoke inhaled.

I think that none of the ways of smoking is more harmful than the others since all of them affect your health. I prefer to know the qualities of tobacco are going down because the amount of people using it reduces. I think there are many more different ways people smoke, but these are the principal ones. I am tired of people smoking because they are not just killing themselves, they are killing humanity. I have nothing else to say rather than thank you for reading my posts and I hope you learned as much as I did.


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