Friday, October 13, 2006

A Bad Vacation

Wow,1 imagine you have a summer vacation you are going to England. In the airport,2 your father gives you his bag. The bag has documents, credit card, and some money.3 When you are getting into the airplane you get the wrong boarding pass and you are taken to the USA. You start thinking that this can be a great vacation with money to spend in a great place, you get happy, get impatient, and you imagine all what you can buy.4 The problem is that you are sitting next to a fat man that gets a saliba river in his mouth and you almost touch it, in the other side you have a strange guy that stares at you all the time.

5When you are going out of the airplane, the strange guy talks to you in a 6friendly, strange, and polite way. 7Sitting next to him in a restaurant, he invites you to eat 6fabulous, delicious, and great food. Then he talks, he looks at your bag, and you eat without noticing the worst thing that could happen.8 The guy suddenly tells you he is going to the bathroom, but he takes your bag and runs out of the airport. The guy of the restaurant tells you to pay, but you don't have money so you have to work washing dishes, very dirty dishes. Suddenly, you feel your stomach is reacting to something, you need to go to the bathroom but all of them are closed, the only solution is going to the girls bathroom. When you get inside it was full of women and you get embarassed and you run. At the end, when you think nothing worser can happen, you open your eyes and discover it was just a dream, Oh My God!

1. Yes, no, or interjection

2. Prepositional phrase

3. Objects

4. Phrases

5. Adverb Clause

6. Modifiers

7. Participial phrase

8. Independent Clauses


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