Monday, September 18, 2006

Matías Fernandez

Matías Fernandez was born in May 15, 1986, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the age of 5, he went to live in La Calera, Chile. There he received the nickname of "Pelusa", were he became Chilean. At the age of 17, he got a problem in his backbone that could leave him without playing soccer. But he had confidence in himself and could get well of his problem.

I think that he has been a very important person that could survive from a serious problem. He has a lot confidence and that is very surprisingly, I think that all people that have this problem could trust in themselves like Matías. What he has done, is not so expected to get well.

At the Age of 12 he went to try for playing in Colo Colo's soccer team, were he demonstrated his great capability with the ball. His debut against Universidad de Chile, in the bench. One week after, he entered to the field scoring 2 goals against Cobresal.

This player has great talent. Being a 12 year old and entering into a professional team is very difficult. His style makes him one of my favorite players. I would like to be like him, because he is so young and talented, and not every player is enters in a soccer club at a very young age. Now, Matías Fernandez has became a well known player by Europeans, he had been asked to play in Cádiz FC, Dinamo Kiev, and Villareal FC, but Matías prefered to play in Villareal, it is said that he would be taken to Spain in January 2007 where the Spanish League let clubs bring players from the outside.

Wow! This player has became the best player in the Chilean's soccer history! This is one of my favourite players. I am surprised on how he got well in a serious problem. I like the way he plays because his style has impressed me and many other people. He once scored a goal that I would like everybody in the world watch it, it is at the end of this post. I know everybody likes to see how he plays with the ball, like if he had played with it in his entire life.


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Hey eduardo
Even though I am not a soccer fan, I really enjoyed reading your post. The video is very cool!Gooood post!!

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